Classic Race Pole

Sleek style, built for performance and designed with elegance. Comfort fit grips.

Sizing Help

The classic method of pole sizing is to turn the pole upside down and hold it just under the basket. Using this method, you can tell if the size is correct if your arm is bent at a 90-degree angle at the elbow. If the angle is more than 90 degrees, you'll want to downsize and check again. If the angle is less than 90 degrees, you'll want to upsize and check again. 

We recommend wearing ski boots while checking your ski pole height as it will feel more realistic to an on-snow experience and will add up to an inch or two in height. 

Below is a chart for easy reference:


Height Height Pole
(ft) (m) (cm)
6'4" - 6'6" 1m93 -1 m98 135
6'1" - 6'3" 1m85 - 1m92 130
5'10" - 6'0" 1m77 - 1m84 125
5'7" - 5'9" 1m70 - 1m76 120
5'4" - 5'6" 1m62 - 1m69 115
5'1" - 5'3"
1m54 - 1m61 110


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