Topped with an eye-catching heritage house pattern, the new, special-edition Balmain All-Mountain Ski builds directly upon Pierre Balmain’s distinctive tradition of deftly combining the liberating thrill of Alpine skiing with the polished finesse of Paris’ finest couture.

Growing up in France’s spectacular Savoy region, in the shadow of impressive snow-capped peaks, Pierre Balmain learned from his headstrong mother, Françoise, that skiing meant freedom. Just like his mother, Pierre Balmain spent his winters skiing down the steepest Alpine summits. His lifelong passion for the active lifestyle of his native region is reflected in several of his eponymous house’s most successful collections, since the sleek silhouettes of both ski and après-ski wear were often directly incorporated into his signature “New French Style.”

Continuing the house’s extraordinary heritage of boldly combining Alpine adventure with Parisian elegance, Bomber has partnered with Balmain for an exclusive, limited-edition Balmain Ski. Handcrafted with a full wood-core construction and covered with an updated spin on the house’s striking Mini-Monogram pattern - a motif that Monsieur Balmain first presented to the fashion world on his early '80s couture runways - the Balmain ski excels at on-piste performance with off-trail capability.