Bomber has collaborated with the Parisian restaurant known for its fashionable, nomadic clientele on a limited edition of our Pro Carve Skis and Shot Ski, featuring colorful artwork that echoes the design of their iconic caviar tins.

Founded in 1927, Caviar Kaspia is a historic Parisian institution synonymous with the art of living - great times and incredible memories. We’re thrilled to partner with them on a ski that brings that same energy to the slopes.

The Pro Carve is a piste ski with a racing construction. Handcrafted from the highest quality materials, the Pro Carve is designed for unparalleled precision, grip and stability on groomed trails. An all-wood core and sandwich construction ensure an extraordinary degree of stability and consistency. The Caviar Kaspia edition features an elegant black deck and a whimsical illustration of a ship at sea beneath a starry sky, with a sturgeon beneath the frothy waves. 

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