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High-tech, high performance socks that protect against the elements while also ensuring comfort and increased endurance.

High-tech, high performance socks that protect against the elements while also ensuring comfort and increased endurance.



  • Recreation of a 'barefoot climate' with patented Ait-Conditioning Channel® technology.
  • Air Guides® to create required space to ventilate air from shoe and foot.
  • Aktiv-Bund for optimal fit without slipping or constriction.
  • Heel Protector to protect against friction, pressure and shocks.
  • Toetip Protector promoting comfort and injury protection.
  • Instep Protector with Airvent Zone using 3D knitting technology to prevent full-surface contact, dispose of warm, damp air and prevent blisters from forming.
  • Lambertz-Nicholson Achilles Tendon Protector 4.0 for protection against pressure and friction.
  • Calf Protector to provide both protection and ventilation.
  • Air Guide® technology creating dry, fresh feet through permanent, intensive air circulation.
  • Anatomically-shaped Footbed for more foot comfort featuring a network of ventillation channels and anatomically-optimised padding.
  • 3-channel Traverse Airflow Channel System transporting moisture and heat to the Air-Conditioning Channel®.
  • Anatomically-shaped Airflow Ankle Pads to allow a comfortable flow of air.
  • Intelliyarns® are protected X-BIONIC® high-tech yarns that accelerate moisture transportation, dampen shocks, increase the cooling effect or stop bacteria and odours.
  • Durawool – Innovative, extremely light, yet robust yarn compound that provides an outstanding combination of the properties that make high-tech fibres so plesant to wear.
  • Bisentio® This multi-functional hollow fibre is breathable, elastic and offers excellent properties.
  • It absorbs pressure and shocks due to the air contained in the fibre core.
  • The high-quality three-thread design is extremely durable and abrasion-resistant.
  • Silver Nodor® keeps your feet hygienically fresh.
  • It is a new, particularly soft and climate-active yarn in whose polymeric matrix a bacteriostatic agent is incorporated that doesn’t pass to the skin.
  • The growth of bacteria and thus also the annoying foot odour is effectively reduced.
  • Suppronation® bandage to stabilise the foot in it's natural rolling movement.
  • Helixcoil 4.0 System® integrating two concentric spiral pressure webs into the sock structure supporting muscle from ankle to knee without hindering blood circulation.


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