A remarkably versatile ski that is as dominant on hard snow and challenging conditions as it is forgiving in soft snow and powder.

Wider ski with nice float and control off piste, and stability at speed on the groomers. Piste 50% and off-piste 50%. The all-mountain choice for freeriders on the hunt for softer snow. Slightly wider underfoot and in the tip than the All Mountain, the Pro Terrain is engineered for higher speeds, quick turn initiation and excellent flotation even in marginal conditions.

Each Bomber Ski is equipped with an NFC chip, allowing for the customer to access and store information on their personal pair of skis.

Exceptionally fast and responsive on groomers, yet has enough surface area to create really nice float and performance through powder. It is truly an all mountain ski that is as much fun on piste as it is off.

Sizes (cm): 161171181191
Dimensions:125 / 84 / 112

● 84mm underfoot
● Metal sandwich construction
● Built for high speeds over the entire mountain
● Quick turn initiation and float due to Rocker design
● High performance in marginal and variable conditions