Bode Miller’s Top 5 Tips for Skiing Giant Slalom

Skiing Giant Slalom Overview:

  1. Pick a spot up and out from the gate, approximately 5 meters up and 1 meter out.
  2. Finish your turn at this spot.
  3. Don’t even look at the gate, you only see it as you travel past
  4. Be above the “rise line” above the gate so your turn goes down and through and generates speed.
  5. Keep your turn shape above the gate to generate speed to win.



BOMBER Helmets – Ahead of the Curve

BOMBER Helmets – Ahead of the Curve At Bomber, we take an uncompromising view on style, performance and safety. So it’s natural that the Bomber “Safety Armour” helmet -- just like Bomber skis, lovingly handmade in Italy – should reflect an enduring appreciation for sporty elegance and wellbeing on the slopes.

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Bode Miller on Bomber Skis

Bode Miller on Bomber Skis

Bode Miller has made a life’s work of surprising us. Long before the most successful male American alpine ski racer of all time decided to join Bomber Skis on the 18th green on Spyglass Hill at Pebble Beach, he had established a dazzling reputation as a driven competitor and independent thinker.

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The Art of Snow: NYC’s most beautiful ski boutique welcomes the world


Yes, the Big Apple has it all. But deep within Manhattan’s fast-beating heart, only one boutique is devoted solely to the love of beauty on snow. Located on Madison Avenue just north of 54th Street, the Bomber Ski Gallery is pinned on the map of every skier who values high-quality craftsmanship and elegant design. All the fun and romance of skiing – along with a seriously healthy appreciation for après ski – is manifested behind the alluring vitrines of this New York shop. Bomber is a one-stop shop for better skiing through performance and beauty.

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A Life in Luxury: In Conversation with Bomber CEO Robert Siegel

A Life in Luxury

You refer to “The Bomber Difference” as the attribute that sets Bomber Ski apart. When you first clicked onto a pair of Bomber skis, you felt it. Today, you, your real estate partner and Bode Miller own the company. Tell us a little about how that happened.

In the 1970s I trained seriously for ski racing at the Green Mountain Valley School in Vermont where we were required to ski six days a week, the seventh was optional. (We skied the seventh day.) I found myself in the company of athletes who were incredibly passionate about ski racing and willing to push themselves to perform at 120 percent of their ability every day in order to fulfill their dreams.

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