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Welcome to Bomber’s Ski Intelligence page, where you will find up-to-date information and status reports to keep you safe and healthy as you, your friends and your family head out to the mountains.

At Bomber, we realize the impact Covid-19 is having on every facet of our lives. As it relates to our passion for skiing and the outdoors, it has made navigating the ever-changing resort, state and national guidelines a difficult task.

Below, we have provided a geographic breakdown of the global skiing landscape with links to government guidelines and resort information, as well as for Epic and Ikon reservation policies for the season ahead.

With so many rules and regulations in flux, here are a few constraints that currently apply to all resorts:

Mandatory face coverings at all times

Chairlift seating for related parties only

Cashless Transactions

Reduced capacity in all lodges, restaurants etc

Ski Resorts

Pass Information


In order to ski Epic Resorts during the 2020/21 season, reservations must be made prior to arrival for each skier.

Reservations opened on Nov 6th for all Season Pass Holders (including Epic, Epic local and all regional passes).

Each Pass Holder is allowed 7 Priority reservation Days on a revolving basis for the core season (Dec 8th-April 4th). Priority Reservation Days are defined as over a week out. These are available to be used NOW by all Pass Holders.

Each Pass Holder is allowed unlimited week-off reservations for the entire season

Lift tickets are not on sale until Dec 8th, giving Pass Holders priority to make reservations.

All children 4 and under are eligible for a complimentary (free) Epic Pass and do not need to make reservations. They can ski when the adults have reservations.

Reservations can be cancelled/changed anytime through the online account portal at

*Disclaimer: Epic Pass Partner means that passes do not have to be bought through epic and can be bought directly from the mountain. The same is true for Ikon mountains.


In order to ski select mountains through Ikon, reservations must be made prior to arrival. To find out which Ikon mountains require reservations, please reference each resort's individual section.

If an Ikon resort requires reservations, the following applies:

Ikon Pass: Up to 7 reservations can be made per pass holder at each 7-day access destination. Reservations cannot overlap.

Ikon Base Pass: Up to 5 reservations can be made per Pass Holder at each 5-day access destination. Reservations cannot overlap. All blackout dates apply.

Ikon Session Pass 4-day: 4 total reservations. The Pass Holder is able to make the amount of reservations equal to the amount of unused days they have left. All blackout dates apply.

Ikon Pass reservations open November 9th on a per resort basis. 

All reservations can be made and managed through Ikon’s online portal at

*Disclaimer: Ikon is a partnership with each mountain. Mountain specific tickets and passes can be bought normally through each mountain. Reservations may only be required for Ikon passes and not mountain-specific passes. Please visit each mountain's homepage for further information.


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