Bomber X Waterford Crystal Custom Shot Glasses & Ski

Bomber Ski has partnered with Waterford Crystal to create custom shot glasses to accompany our famous shot skis. Twice engraved, exposing the bottom target engraving only after you and friends take a shot. The perfect gift for your favorite host or hostess. Liven up the Holiday season with the gift of celebration. Tips up!

To purchase any stock model (Woodie, Timberline, Stealth, Stars & Stripes, Red Baron, Olympic White, Camo, Glacier) or the following Artist Series models: Basquiat Crown, Basquiat Green, Basquiat Fisher King, Basquiat Dino, Basquiat Self Portrait, Haring Angel Wing, Haring Luna Luna, Haring Red Snake, or Haring Tribal Warrior - contact us directly.

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