Forbes 2015 Gift Guide Features Bomber Skis

Offering a sneak peek at this winter's most intriguing luxury sports products, ForbesLife released its 2015 Luxury Outdoor Holiday Gift Guide this week, showcasing the most coveted gear of the season for "him and her."  

Calling Bomber Ski a "fast rising star" that is "rethinking the entire ski manufacturing and design process," Forbes columnist Larry Olmsted highlighted Bomber as the chosen ski for top athletes like Bode Miller and K.C. Oakley, who won the FIS Deer Valley World Cup on her Bombers, while emphasizing the skis' ability to improve performance for all types of skiers -- from novice to expert.  

Luxury ski brand Bomber Ski on Forbes Life 

 "Bomber skis are as beautiful as they are functional," Olmsted writes, highlighting Bomber's Artist Series skis while featuring the All Mountain Olympic White ski in a photo. 

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