bomber ski helmet

BOMBER Ski Helmets – Ahead of the Curve

At Bomber, we take an uncompromising view on style, performance and safety. So it’s natural that the Bomber “Safety Armour” helmet -- just like Bomber skis, lovingly handmade in Italy – should reflect an enduring appreciation for sporty elegance and wellbeing on the slopes. 

Here are a few ways to help protect yourself with Bomber:

Engineered for comfort 

Assembled by hand with meticulous craftsmanship, the breathable liners are enhanced with soft cheeks and ear pads of thermo-formed padding and faux leather. The sophisticated ventilation system and moisture wicking “2dry” technology maintains warmth and dryness while silky smooth seams, tailored by expert hands, ensure optimum comfort and fit. All this and still Bomber’s ultra-lightweight design results in a helmet weighing just 1.3 pounds.  

Security is king

With a shell made of high-strength composite carbon fiber and Kevlar®, the helmet delivers built-in resistance, elasticity and durability. A core of expanded polystyrene delivers enhanced shock absorption and the external thermoplastic shell is engineered to enhance stability through bespoke injection-molded polymers. 

bomber ski helmet

Truly visionary

Designed for maximum comfort and supreme protection from the elements, each helmet comes with removable, anti-scratch polycarbonate integrated visor. So when the weather changes, we’re ready: the quick-release mechanism means easy removal to accommodate goggles or sunglasses or to exchange for a visor of a different color. These sleek, sexy visors are molded and treated with vigorous anti-scratch process. Hand-decaled and painted with environmentally friendly paint, each helmet is finished with a UV resistant filter to prevent fading.

And the bottom line…

Ever stylish, Bomber helmets comply with applicable industry standards and are intended to help reduce the risk of serious head injuries. Because we love skiing as much as you do.