Bode Miller On The Most Challenging Year Of His Life

With a record six Olympic medals and two World Cup wins, Bode Miller is among the best male alpine ski racers of all time. Two seasons into retirement, he still competes like a champion even though he’s done bombing slalom gates.

Miller is an equity partner and the chief innovation officer at Aztech Mountain, a performance fashion brand based in Aspen, and is part owner of Bomber, a custom ski company with a boutique factory in Italy.

Last October, four months after Miller and his wife, Morgan, lost their 19-month-old daughter in a drowning accident in a neighbor’s pool, the couple gave birth to a son. Miller says it has been the most challenging year of his life. “So much of my career was about crashing and screwing up and moving on, and in a way that equips you to deal with reality,” he says. “But nothing is worse than losing a child. I hope there’s nothing worse, because if there is, it’ll break you.”

This winter, Miller and the family are back on the slopes when they’re not home together in Orange County, California. Miller recently shared his picks for where to ski, what to wear and what gear to use this winter. Here’s what he recommends.

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